Property Management

With over 10 years experience in property management, we have the resources, knowledge and experience to provide you with the utmost in professional management. Our property management service is comprised of three inter-related business units – Leasing, Management, and Accounting. In each of these three facets we strive to provide our residents and owners with the best service available. We work as a partner with you to effectively Lease and Manage your investment. We accomplish this by obtaining quality renters, working with professional contractors and providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions. We strive to ensure that your investment property is among the finest in the area by understanding the tasks that need to be performed and accomplishing these tasks in a highly professional and efficient manner. We use our expertise to increase the effectiveness of your residential investment property, as well as to ensure that our residents have a positive experience, which a lot of companies do not do.



As a residential property owner you need a complete understanding of your real estate investment’s financial status. We utilize a recognized software package providing timely, accurate reports that provide you with both current and year to date financial information. Each month you will receive financial statements to track your investment’s progress, so you can make informed decisions. Along with your statement you will receive the original invoices from maintenance repairs that have been completed. Accounting Services Include: Electronic deposit of rent proceeds Monthly financial reports Current and year to date totals Detailed transaction accounts Original expense billings Assistance to Lenders, CPA’s and Home Owner Associations Let our accounting expertise save you time and frustration. Monthly management reports are easily read and summarize your property’s account status.



 Leasing and Management

We understand that “time is of the essence.” We take pride in utilizing a variety of our effective leasing tools in order to ensure your property receives the maximum exposure possible.

Leasing Services Include:

  • Rental rate recommendations
  • Property condition evaluation
  • Placement on a variety of websites such as:,,
    Craig’s List, Trulia, Backpage, Hotpads, Oodle,
    Google Base, Zillow, Frontdoor, Craigslist, Paddmapper
  • Attractive yard and window signage
  • Well positioned ads in classifieds
  • Prompt response to rental inquiries
  • Personalized property showings
  • Thorough applicant screening
  • Negotiation of lease terms
  • Facilitation of move-in process



 Service Fees

There are no up front fees. Services offered by Stacey can be split into two different categories – Leasing with Property Management service or our Lease Only service. Advertising is also a cost assumed by the owner if there is a cost associated with the advertising. The prices differ for each service I provide and depends on the location of the property.

Property Management and Leasing

Leasing Fee: 50-100% of first month’s rent Management Fee: 10% of the full monthly rental rate
Website Marketing: Includes placement on a variety of websites. Marketing charges for each property vary depending on the marketing strategy agreed upon between the Owner and leasing agent.
Property Evaluation: Free of charge
Sign and Lockbox: Included with leasing fee
Application Processing: Included in leasing fee for a full credit background and reference check paid by applicant

Lease Only Property Leasing Service

Leasing Fee: 100% of one month’s rent
Newspaper and Website Marketing: Includes placement on variety of websites. Marketing charges for each property vary depending on the marketing strategy agreed upon between the Owner and leasing agent.
Property Evaluation: Free of charge Lease Signing Fee: Included with leasing fee Application Processing: Included in leasing fee for a full credit background and reference check paid by applicant.

Property Management Only

Management Fee: 10% of the full monthly rental rate.

Rental Search Fee

We also offer rental search if you are looking for a property to rent. The search includes looking up properties online, viewing the property for the client, and negotiating lease terms and price with owner or management company.

Rental Search Fee: 100% of one month’s rent. 50% of the fee is required before I start searching for a property and will be reconciled if you do not rent something that high. If you cancel this service a $500 cancellation fee is charged.



Our Property Managers

Stacey Stambaugh Malcolm

Managing Broker and Owner
I am a dedicated and hardworking individual 3 generation Denver Native, who possess’ over 10 years of experience in the Real Estate field.  My combined experience in managing and selling real estate in Denver, and my expertise in the Denver Metro area, have afforded me an unparalleled knowledge of Colorado and its Real Estate market. I have a keen understanding of the ever changing residential and sales market which allows me to work in close collaboration with my renters and owners to guide and assist them to successfully gain home ownership or acquire the sought after a success of residential investment.



Elise LoSasso

Elise is a third generation Denver native with a wealth of knowledge and personal experience of this amazing and beautiful state. Her intimate understanding of the Denver neighborhoods is extensive which gives her the capability to provide each client with a customized buying and/or selling…



Candis Lusk


Her extensive knowledge gives her the capability to provide each and every one of her clients with a customized buying and/or selling experience! She has learned the skills necessary to navigate and negotiate Denver’s thriving housing market guaranteeing that her clients get their dream home at the best deal possible! She is committed to providing best in class service to buyers and sellers and will treat your investment as her own…





¨Savvy has managed my rental condo for many years, and she's handled every last detail flawlessly.  I haven't had to think about it once because I know everything is in great hands with Savvy's management.  She's thorough, thoughtful, and has always ensured the property is consistently rented with wonderful tenants.  I'd highly recommend Savvy to anyone looking for a stellar property manager!"


I first met Stacey on a Skype call while I was traveling abroad. I had a piece of investment property that I owned in downtown Denver that I had decided to sell and I needed an agent who had experience with the downtown market and the ability work on my behalf while I was still living abroad. Stacey was a great choice. First off, the condo was in need of a major remodel and Stacey was able to have the right contractors available to do the work within the schedule required. She also provided great input during the remodel process. Secondly, and most important, the listing and closing processes went extremely well. Stacey was great throughout the whole process and given the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

-Eric Lunstrum

¨We hired Stacey and her team at Savvy to lease our property, and we had a great experience – our property rented in 6 days! First, Savvy’s communication was excellent. We live out of the country, so it was important to get the right feedback. Savvy was very communicative and kept us current with the process. Additionally, she is quite knowledgeable about the market. It is clear that she knows the Denver area well and priced our lease accordingly. Finally, she’s very enthusiastic about her business and clients. Savvy and Savvy worked very hard for us, and we are very pleased with the end result. We highly recommend."

Graham Patterson

¨Savvy has done a tremendous job managing my rental property for the past 2 years.  Savvy has handled the process from the first tenant to sublease, and now a new tenant.  I am glad that I have had Savvy’s knowledge to rely on through all of these lease changes in such a short amount of time.  Savvy has been extremely professional not only with me but with the tenants as well.  I am hardly ever bothered about repairs, but when they do come up, Savvy is right on top of it.  I am appreciative to have her as an intermediary between myself and the tenants and am glad that I’m not getting the 2 am phone calls.  Savvy has also put together a very detailed market analysis for me, so I am able to make informed decisions as to what to do with the property.  Savvy does a great job, and I highly recommend her."

- Erik Cook

¨Savvy provided great property management with minimal interaction from my side, providing me a piece of mind.  Rarely was I ever bothered with any issues unless something needed to be fixed and my approval for the cost was necessary.  If you want to hold a property and not deal with the hassles of related to tenants, property management, rent collection, and recurring maintenance I would recommend talking to Savvy."

Darren Fogg

¨Last January I called Stacey in a mad panic. I had moved to Rome Jan. 11 and I still hadn’t rented out my Washington Park condo. In two months my old rental agency hadn’t convinced a single person to rent a 14th-floor condo with a view of the Rockies. On a recommendation from my Park Lane Condominium office, I called Savvy. Within 24 hours she had a renter. I am serious. It was that fast.  Since then, my condo has been the least of my worries. She has taken care of every little detail and informed me along the way. She has been accessible and quickly responds to emails. Also, she has added some personality when levity can be appreciated. It’s not easy being 6,000 miles from the home you’re renting out, but Savvy has made my life much less stressful. She is the perfect agent between myself and a renter I’ve never met. I can’t give anyone a higher recommendation."

- John